Robbie Williams is one of a kind. One of the best performers in the world is bringing his show to Bucharest today, on 17th of July 2015. It’s the first show that Robbie will ever play in Romania.


Let me entertain you… and transform you! I will not tell the story of this make-up routine. I just don’t encourage anyone to do it because it gets messy when you try to take it off. So don’t try this at home unless you want it really bad.

Trying to look like Robbie – in a photoshoot – is a tough job. And you get a much better understanding of the work of actors when you have to keep this kind of heavy make-up on your face and control your face muscles, try to bring out certain emotions while you have the biggest discomfort feeling ever. It’s like being covered in glue and trying to act – in this case, trying to be the crazy/strong/powerful/rebel/evil performer that is Robbie in his joker inspired shooting.


I got the inspiration from Robbie, of course, and the poster for his show – the one that they chose for Romania – and from Cristina Bazavan who did the transformation a few weeks ago. Cristina lent me the special make-up she got from Telekom to do this transformation so THANK YOU!



Enjoy the photos and the show, whether you see Robbie in Bucharest or some place else on his tour! It’s not one to miss! He’s gonna play Angels, Bohemian Rhapsody and many other songs that is exciting to hear live.



Make-up & transformation by Tio Torosyan

Photos & editing: Edi Enache, The Fashion Jumper

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