When I travel, I like to feel comfortable and not the sporty kind but the comfy kind, the “I could sleep in these” kind, the softest fabrics and the softest colours: light beige, light grey, light blue. It’s not a pyjama but it could be mistaken for one.

So when I travel… I don’t jump that much. I created this quick post with this outfit from my last holiday. I was in transit in Frankfurt for a few hours so I wandered around in the airport until I got a few good shots, I wasn’t going a full shooting, just a little something to show off my travelling outfit.

The gray Sweatshirt with all over biker print is from ASOS, the beige pants are from New Star, the blue plimsolls shoes with circle print are from ASOS as well and my backpack is from H&M.

I’m getting ready a lot of stuff for this Spring. That is new posts, going into video posts and interviews and setting some inspirational posts with outfits that I like and that I have on my moodboard.

Jump around and look to the sky at all times!


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